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Success Quotient - SQTM

We find that most people looking to fund their business or idea do not possess the tools or resources needed to properly build credit or position themselves for successful financing, and we look at most businesses with the assumption that they would be able to access lines of credit and obtain funding if they were properly prepared.


Our Programs, Products & Services are designed to position you and your business for access to capital by implementing proven strategies developed by our credit experts and lending partners.  Our team of professionals has the ability to identify and fill in any gaps for your specific project while leading you down the path to successful financing.


Call us today for a comprehensive Business Analysis and Funding Evaluation. This SUCCESS QUOTIENT is designed to show any business owner, at any stage, exactly where they stand in regards to their over all business success and potential for funding. Many business owners make the mistake of pre-qualifying themselves, good or bad. Find out for sure BEFORE you head to the bank.



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But the SQ goes even further than just financing. Everyone knows that a successful business involves many aspects besides finance. Business owners and managers have to worry about sales, marketing, advertising, production, customer service, shipping and receiving, quality assurance... and the list goes on and on.


During the SQ interview and initial consultation, the business analyst provides a comprehensive and exhaustive business review. Business owners and managers will see their business as they have never seen it before. From this comparative review a business owner is able to clearly understand the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the business’ maximum potential. More importantly, the business analyst will discuss what methods, systems, procedures, controls and incentives are needed in order to reach the business' goals and objectives.