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Business Consulting


As business owners we often get so involved in the tasks of running the business that we do not devote the time or attention we should to working on improving the business. We can easily stop seeing the things that may be limiting our success. There may be areas that we avoid because it is not our “thing.” We may be aware of things that need to be done, improvements that are needed, but can’t seem to get around to them all. Maybe the business is not as busy or profitable as we would like it to be, or that we think it could be, but we are not sure why. What business does not have its share of problems?


Are there things you could do now to make your business more valuable in the future? Chances are that someday you may want to sell the business. What is it worth now? What could it be worth in the future? Wouldn’t it make sense to be working well in advance of that time to sell with someone who understands business sales and what drives value so that you can maximize your investment of time, energy, and money in your business?


Business ownership can be wonderfully rewarding, but at times you feel the weight of the world heavy on your shoulders. You may just need someone to talk to who is open-minded, listens well, sees things objectively, and who has an unusual combination of good common sense, sensitivity to human nature and creativity in approaching difficult issues. CMG has helped develop and implement systems and programs addressing marketing and growing sales, cost controls, employee recruiting and training, scheduling, systems development, quality control, customer service, security and cash control, and much more. In the event that you have issues that require specialized expertise, he has the connections to bring in expert advisors in that area to assist in developing solutions.


If you could use someone with a wealth of experience who is accustomed to dealing with tough issues in customer and employee relations, marketing, and operations management - call us today to arrange a free no obligation initial consultation! Our business is maximizing the value of your business.



Business Opportunities


There are a lot of business opportunities out there these days. But, do you know which ones are the best fit for you? Do you know which ones better suit your budget?


CMG has done the research for you. We’ve researched hundreds of business and income opportunities and we are ready to pass along that information to you and help you make a better, more informed decision.


We’ve developed TURNKEY A2Z™ to even further assist our clients in making sure that they select a business opportunity in an industry that better suits their personality.


TURNKEY A2Z™ allows you to determine what kind of business activity is the most suitable for you.


It's of great importance to know your own business type because in a case of the incorrect orientation you take a risk to go out of business having lost your money, efforts and assurance in your abilities.


TURNKEY A2Z™ helps prospective business owners choose the proper business.


TURNKEY A2Z™ enables potential business owners to feel confident that they have chosen the most suitable business.



Business Services


Small Business owners usually don't have much in the way of resources. That's the whole idea behind Small Business Services from Continental Management Group. Through our relationships with service providers, you'll get exclusive deals on the types of business services you need most.



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