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  •          Business Credit & Capital Solutions Consulting
  •          Building REAL Business Credit and obtaining Unsecured Business Loans and Bank Lines of Credit for Start-Ups and Early Stage Growth Companies
  •          SBA Loan Packaging & Placement

We find that most people looking to fund their business or idea do not possess the time or resources needed to properly build credit or position themselves for successful financing, and we look at most businesses with the assumption that they would be able to access lines of credit and obtain funding if they were properly prepared.


Our Programs, Products & Services are designed to position you and your business for access to capital by implementing proven strategies developed by our credit experts and lending partners.  Our team of professionals has the ability to identify and fill in any gaps for your specific project while leading you down the path to successful financing.

By submitting this form I understand that Continental Management Group, Inc. is not a bank, financial institution, or direct lender. This does not constitute a commitment to lend.


I further understand that the purpose of this Business Funding Evaluation is to determine the best methods for potential funding of my business. No guarantees of funding have been made or implied.