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Introducing TURNKEY A2Z™

More than 80% of people starting a small business are not successful.  

TURNKEY A2Z™ allows you to determine what kind of business activity is the most suitable for you.

It's of great importance to know your own business type because in a case of the incorrect orientation you take a risk to go out of business having lost your money, efforts and assurance in your abilities.

TURNKEY A2Z™ helps prospective business owners choose the proper business.

TURNKEY A2Z™ enables potential business owners to feel confident that they have chosen the most suitable business.

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After retiring from the printing business, PostalAnnex+ founder Jack Lentz began working out of his home as a business consultant. He soon realized the need for mailing, faxing, copying, shipping and other services to belong under one roof. As a result, he created the first PostalAnnex+ store, bus…  more


American Business Systems (ABS) is the fastest way to start your medical billing business. ABS is the largest company of its' kind nationwide, providing training and support to independent licensees since 1994. Why choose medical billing for your new business? It's flexible, you can work from anyw…  more

American Business Systems

There are over 1500 health care plans and that causes doctors and their staffs to be overwhelmed with paperwork. The amount of documentation generated in a single day by an average physician is staggering! To make matters worse, when a doctor has a full time staff, the errors rise. Industry report...  more

ClaimTek Systems

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