Continental Management Group is dedicated to advancing business' like yours to the right path for optimal success. This is achieved through our team's 50 years dedication to outstanding service. We strive to exceed our client's expectations with proven growth strategies, service, and above all, integrity.


Continental Management Group defines its success by our customers’ achievement. Every customer is unique and we recognize that there is not a single path to success. Growing your business is made easier when utilizing the proper resources, which we provide.  

Our Pledge: The CMG C’s:


CMG is committed to your success. The emphasis on achieving your goals is our goal.


With over 50 years of industry experience, our executive team is confident CMG will be able to provide you with effective, timely and robust service. CMG’s highly qualified team of professionals have the tools and know how to solve your most difficult challenges. Our veterans are not afraid to innovate or offer bold solutions.


WE LISTEN At CMG we pride ourselves on exceptional communication with our customers. We must learn before we solve. Throughout every step, you will be well informed and have a clear understanding of the process. You will feel well connected and valued.

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